Our mission is to create an overall unforgettable experience for our customers. At the center of our efforts is, of course, the mediterranean, local and world cuisine of superior quality and a consistent service accompanied with culinary and oenological advice.
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Jazz trio Čepak – Furlan – Serafini

On Saturday, we enjoyed the beautiful melodies of various international jazz and pop hits. Capra’s great friend Marko Čepak - Maki played for he first time in Capra with this cute group, which features singer Martina Furlan and bass player Simone Serafini. We listened to...

“Sweet house” in sweet Capra

Sladka hiša (“Sweet house”) is a successful company from the Slovenian coast with which Capra has been doing business for years. On Friday 18 November 2016, they decided to celebrate the end of the business year in Capra. For this special occasion, the company management wanted...